A winter hike

We had not made any detailed plan of where to go, but had selected a few places we would like to visit. One of them was named Wasserfall, and according to the map this was the only waterfall in this part of Rothaargebirge, and after having hiked a few hours from Wulmeringhausen we reached the place. The waterfall was relative high, the hilly landscape given, but it wasn't the amount of water characterizing the stream, as there ain't much water released from the ground at winter time. Thus the ice had had plenty of time to grow, and impressive ice pegs had formed on the plants and banks alongside the waterfall. It wasn't so easy to get close, as the cool water had covered the banks in a thick armour of ice, but at last I succeeded in taking my pictures. Finally we reached the top of the stream and arrived at the road to Heinrichsdorf. Now we changed our course and followed the road south, heading for new adventures.