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> Sep. 19, 1997
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Friday, September 19th, 1997
Yangle Kharka, 11.610 ft. (Steffen Walton).

The biggest problem till now was when we ran out of coffee. But, like a miracle, here in Yangle Kharka we ran into a guesthouse, probably the most desolate in the world of its kind: Long live Nescafé a hundred miles from the nearest road. The team starts to get impatient to see the mountain, and here among men we can conclude that the last 14 days must be the longest foreplay in the world until it gets serious, what we came for: the climb on Makalu. Tomorrow we continue up the valley to Nehe Kharka, situated in a beautfiful, alpine landscape, and then on to Mas Kharka at 14.400 ft.

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