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My own ascents

This page is an English introduction to my list of the about 150 mountains I have climbed since my first mountain climb in 1981.
For every climb the list mentions the name, height, partner (when more partners the following persones are mentioned in initials), month and year of the ascent, valley base (starting point) plus the name of the route.
The list may be sorted by the first five criterias, and the search criteria can at any time be changed by clicking the title name of the column, by which you want the list to be sorted.
To add clarity, the list is divided into approximately five parts within every search criteria, and you may navigate between the different parts by clicking the relevant segment in the navigation bar.
This list exists in Danish only, and when clicking the links below the list will appear in a new window, according to your choice. You can always get back to the English section by returning to this window.

Search criterias:
Summit list sorted by Navn  (Name)
Summit list sorted by Højde  (Height)
Summit list sorted by Makker  (Partner)
Summit list sorted by Tidspunkt  (Time of year)
Summit list sorted by Basis  (Valley base)

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