Ascent of Alphubel

Summer 1984 I had planned a traverse of Allalinhorn, Feechopf and Alphubel with my climbing partner Christoph, but as the weather deteriorated on the way we had to leave out the last summit and head down the valley. And when the following summer we had established a basecamp in Allalinpass for about a week, it was very appropiate to use the opportunity and finish the last part of this trip. But although Allalinhorn as well as Feechopf was right between us and Alphubel, we didn't want to make the whole traverse again and decided instead for the long way around to reach Alphubel, which is seen in the top of the picture. Another reason might well be the fact that we had just been through two days of blizzard and didn't feel an urge to begin with a more difficult route.