Rope-leader trip to Fluchthorn

This trip went to the Saas valley, more precisely Saas Grund in Switzerland, by the end of July 2001, immediately after the club's summer meeting in the Alps. Such rope-leader trip is not meant to be an Alpine course, neither a mountain guiding activity. The rope leader more functions as a conductor of the trip, and therefore needs to know the area quite well, thus being able to advise the participants about which trips would be to the most benefit to each of them. As I by then had been on vacation in Saas Grund a dozen times, I was quite prepared for this task. I didn't necessarily have to participate in the different mountain trips myself, but to make a start, I proposed a common trip for the whole team, to size up the different participants. So already the day after our arrival the whole team moved up to the Brtiannia hut.