Kullen Classics

Kullen presents itself as the only climbing crag in the vicinity of Copenhagen. Situated in Sweden, only about 50 km north of Helsingborg, Kullen is the closest you will get to real rocks in Denmark, when not taking Bornholm into consideration. Kullen is an island of bedrock which remained standing when the surrounding landscape lowered, and consists of mainly granite with small intrusions of basalt and other rocks. Surrounded by Ice Age sediments, now turned into fertile farming land, Kullen is a remarkable pronounciation in the southern Swedish lowland, and on a clear day Kullen can been seen from a major part of North Sealand and the neighboring parts of Skåne. Correspondingly a very fine view can be enjoyed from Håkull, with an altitude of 188m the highest point on Kullen, here looking south across Øresund with the pottery city Höganäs to the left and the Danish coastline on the horizon.