Mainzer Höhenweg

In Austria there are many profitable possibilities to make a long mountain hike, and one of the more interesting hikes is the lengthwise traverse of the whole Geigenkamm, one of the long mountain ridges in the Ötztaler Alps. Already in September 1984 I for the first time had made an attempt on this traverse, but had to turn back at the first summit because of early snowfall. But two years later I returned, and this time more successfully. When starting from the north you first follow Forchheimer Weg from the Inn valley to Chemnitzer Hut, but the last part, from Chemnitzer til Braunschweiger Hut, is considerably more Alpine, as you now traverse several 3000-metre peaks. Already during the ascent from Chemnitzer Hut you enjoy the view to one of the more impressive peaks: Puitkogel.