The highest 3000-metre peak in the Alps

(photo: Rune Klausen)

In the summer of 1996, I for once was by car when taking my usual summer vacation in the Alps, and thus we used the opportunity to visit a few places which were not so easy to get to by means of public transportation. One destination all four of us agreed to visit was the Bernina mountain group in the eastern corner of Switzerland, where you find not only the most solitary of the Alpine 4000-metre peaks, the Piz Bernina, but also the highest of the 3000-metre peaks as well, the 3996m high mountain of Piz Zupò. And since Bo and Jette would like to climb Piz Bernina, whereas I had convinced Rune in making an attempt on Piz Zupò, it was very easy determined to make the long hut approach together.