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Gallery - slide shows 2005-2008

   Every month since 2001 I have made a small slide show here on There will always be a general theme, so that the pictures in its row tell a small story, just like at a slide show in reality.
   On most websites old galleries are removed after some time, but as I find my picture descriptions from different climbing or hiking trips are of permanent value, I have decided to let all my galleries to remain active here on, at least for a while. Here below you thus will find links to all galleries I have drawn up for 2005-2008, finishing with a link back to the galleries for 2001-2004.
   However, due to lack of time, I have not been able to make the translation into English the last three years. Recently I have started to translate a few of them, but for a long time ahead a lot of the galleries will only be available in the Danish version.

Gallery - slide shows 2009- December 2008:
Christmas in Garmisch
November 2008: Searching for Camp 4 October 2008: Fenland Trail September 2008: Hiking in Värmland

August 2008: The route to Concordia July 2008: Top of Boë June 2008: Among unknown mountains May 2008: Top of Nissedalen April 2008: In Utah canyonlands

March 2008: With bivouac into Spring February 2008: Golden Gate January 2008: One of the seven December 2007: Around Gothenburg November 2007: Autumn in Verdon

October 2007: Pouring rain on Yake-dake September 2007: From Arun to Barun August 2007: Festi Ridge after the snow July 2007: In restricted area June 2007: Treppenstein Ridge

May 2007: Hiking three counties April 2007: Kodachrome digitally March 2007: Easter on Lagginhorn February 2007: Early spring in Gribskov January 2007: Valley of thirst

Dec. 2006: Daytrip til Mangfall mountains November 2006: Top of the Rainforest October 2006: The first mountain September 2006: World Trade Center August 2006: Crystal Peak

July 2006: A fine Monte Rosa summit June 2006: Climbing in the desert heat Maj 2006: A little breathing space April 2006: Research on Pikes Peak March 2006: Burg-plaatz to Botrange

February 2006: The sacred victory January 2006: Cosy winter in Norway Dec. 2005: Christmas on Africa's top November 2005: Around Fenestral Oct. 2005: Weekend on Skåneleden

September 2005: A 61 km day trip August 2005: Climbing Matterhorn July 2005: Summer holidays in Norway June 2005: First ascent of Mera C May 2005: The last touch of winter

April 2005: A spring trip to Wetterstein March 2005: Top of Texas February 2005: Skiing across Königssee January 2005: Ice Galleries 2001-2004