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Gallery - slide shows 2009-2012

   Every month since 2001 I have made a small slide show here on There will always be a general theme, so that the pictures in its row tell a short story, just like at a slide show in reality.
   On most websites old galleries are removed after some time, but as I find my picture descriptions from different climbing or hiking trips are of permanent value, I have decided to let all my galleries remain active here on, at least for a while. Here below you thus will find links to all galleries I have drawn up for 2009-2012, finishing with a link back to the galleries for 2001-2008.

Gallery - slide shows 2013-2016 December 2012:
Run in Dyrehaven
November 2012: Hiking in Chew Valley October 2012: Basecamp Vitasjö Sep. 2012: Aniversary on Faulhorn

Aug. 2012: Climbing Quandary Peak July 2012: Climbing Wurmtaler Kopf June 2012: On the west coast May 2012: Attempt on Mount Whitney April 2012: Visit in Bratislava

March 2012: Walking around Lansing February 2012: A hike on the Halland Trail January 2012: To Pirca de Polacos Decemb. 2011: Winter weekend in Zermatt November 2011: A day in Belém

October 2011: New attempt on Savalan September 2011: Thru bush to Vose August 2011: Climbing of Niesen July 2011: Day hike to Kreuzboden June 2011: From Adyrsu to Adylsu

May 2011: Alone through Värmland April 2011: Hiking to Mästocka March 2011: Anhalter Bahnhof February 2011: The eternal city January 2011: Journey to Ramada

December 2010: Day hike to Esterberg November 2010: Ryssberget October 2010: Croce di Reit September 2010: A trip on the Fjord trail August 2010: Kite Lake peak-bagging

July 2010: Climbing of Piz dal Lec June 2010: Running in Geelskov May 2010: View to Half Dome April 2010: Delicate rocky arches March 2010: On a wrong track in Wales

February 2010: Snowy winter in Denmark January 2010: Winter in London December 2009: Sun and snow on Wank November 2009: West of London October 2009: Detour from everyday

September 2009: Storm across Sälen August 2009: World Outgames 2009 July 2009: Schönbiel June 2009: A mountain trip for all May 2009:
Gallery #100

April 2009: America's largest hole March 2009: Running San Bruno Mountain February 2009: On the rim of Isaberg January 2009: The Silent Galleries 2005-2008