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Gallery - slide shows 2013-2016

   Every month since 2001 I have made a small slide show here on There will always be a general theme, so that the pictures in its row tell a short story, just like at a slide show in reality.
   On most websites old galleries are removed after some time, but as I find my picture descriptions from different climbing or hiking trips are of permanent value, I have decided to let all my galleries to remain active here on, at least for a while. Here below you thus will find links to all galleries I have drawn up for 2013-2016, finishing with a link back to the galleries for 2009-2012.
   However, due to lack of time, I have not been able to make the translation into English the recent years. Most recently I have started to translate more of them, but for a long time ahead a lot of the newer galleries will only be available in the Danish version.

Gallery - slide shows 2017-2020 Dec. 2016: Winter sun in Dyrehaven November 2016: One dark November hike October 2016: A few days in Taunus September 2016: Ascent of Bouquetins
August 2016: Running below Hoosier Pass July 2016: Along Harrestrup Creek June 2016: Across Sorebois to Moiry May 2016: Two days in Dübener Heath April 2016: Sense of spring
March 2016: Around Whidbey Island February 2016: A wintry day in Tisvilde January 2016: A profile of Esfahan December 2015: Nine marathons November 2015: Active in Storskoven
October 2015: 24 hours in Tokyo September 2015: Above The Nubble Aug. 2015: A summer day in Veksø moor July 2015: The largest rock in Australia June 2015: Munkholm and Bramsnæs
May 2015: Towards Mellerud April 2015: Visit in Basel March 2015: Out and back in Hareskoven February 2015: Running for spring January 2015: A good looker
December 2014: To the top of Mt. Fuji November 2014: Day trip to Ravnholm October 2014: Camping out September 2014: Barr Trail August 2014: Autumn on Unterrothorn
July 2014: Rocky Mountain N.P. June 2014: High Point Bison May 2014: A visit in Black Hills April 2014: Little Bighorn March 2014: Finally Yellowstone
February 2014: From Idaho to the Tetons January 2014: Harpers Corner Trail Dec. 2013: Run to Summerholm Heights November 2013: On a trip with Chuck Taylor Oct. 2013: Climbing in Chateauvert
Sept. 2013: The top of White Mountains August 2013: Night at Rampart Reservoir July 2013: At the end of Pitztal June 2013: At Upper Rideau Lake May 2013: Climbing in Bohuslän
April 2013: The most SE point in Sweden March 2013: Three nights on the hayloft February 2013: Among large trees January 2013: Mercedario Galleries 2009-2012