A winter hike

Christmas and New Year 1985 I went to Witten in the Ruhr District to visit my climbing mate Christoph, but as it wasn't supposed to be for relaxation only, we took advantage of the situation and planned a hike through the Rothaargebirge mountains in Sauerland. We arrived at Bruchhausen in the afternoon on December 28th, and parked the car until next year. Where we wanted to go and when we would be back was not quite clear yet, but it didn't matter so much as we had plenty of time. We headed west up over the fields. Weather was dark and close, and a thin layer of snow dusted the fields, but it wasn't particularly cold. There was a kinda special atmosphere over the trip, like being guests in a intimate landscape, while at the same time I felt a certain connexion with the nature. Following a steep descent we crossed the river Ruhr, here notable smaller than back in Witten, and soon we reached Wulmeringhausen. It was now getting dark, and we pitched our tents on a small terrace above the village, and soon we had our stoves going. The next morning we crossed another ridge, for on the other side to descend to the stream coming down from Elpe.