Tours in the 90s

[23-10-1990] - After I in 1988 had finished my first trek through the mountains of Nepal and I the following year managed to do the first Danish winter ascent of Aiguille Verte in the Montblanc area it was obvious that I had a mind for something bigger. I had planned to make an expedition to Baruntse in 1990, and maybe could use this as a stepping stone for the coming Danish Dhaulagiri expedition, which was to take place in 1991 - but my planned Baruntse expedition was cancelled because of missing backing. Instead I went on a six week solo trip to Nepal in the post-monsoon season 1990, where I had the aim to climb the 6000-metre peak, which I had not been able to do two years earlier. But it came to more than that. Because even though this mostly was a solo expedition I also did an attempt to climb Mera Peak, which was the highest mountain one could climb without needing a special expedition permission. And at that occasion I climbed the central summit, which had not had Danish ascensionists yet.
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