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> Sep. 18, 1997
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Thursday, September 18th, 1997
Yangle Kharka, 11.610 ft. (Steffen Walton).

We sit in our tents in Yangle Kharka and listen to the rain drumming on the flysheet. Normally a pleasant sound, but not right now, as our clothes are wet, soaked by four days of constant rain. The rain is by now the only thing here in Nepal we can rely on. We can trust it. It comes each and every day as a true companion through rainforest and plains on our way to Base Camp, which we plan to reach coming Sunday. Yangle Kharka is situated at about 11.500 ft, and we plan to stay here until Saturday morning, to acclimatize and relax after eight days of trekking, from the Tropics to the polar climate. The path up here went along the Barun river, a sub-sub-tributary of the Ganges, walking several quarter-miles on steep rocky banks threatened by rockfall, why we walked the whole stage without a break, without being hit by as much as a grain of sand. So to you sensation-seeking guys out there: No blood here in Nepal, only a little headache because of the altitude.

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