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4000m-summits in the Alps
8000m-summits in the Himalayas
A Trek Downhill
Ascent Claims
The Tyrol Declaration  
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Per Lyhne Memorial Foundation

Expedition Diaries
Diary of the Danish Makalu Expedition 1997   (19 pages)

Gallery start page
Gallery - slide shows 2013-2016
Gallery - slide shows 2009-2012
Gallery - slide shows 2005-2008
Gallery - slide shows 2001-2004
20 years as a guest in the USA   (18 pics)
20 years with mountain races   (9 pics)
24 hours in Tokyo   (14 pics)
A 61 km day trip   (9 pics)
A classic ridge climb   (14 pics)
A day in Belém   (12 pics)
A day in Grunewald   (19 pics)
A day on Harschbichl   (12 pics)
A few days in Taunus   (23 pics)
A fine Monte Rosa summit   (23 pics)
A good looker   (14 pics)
A hike on the Halland Trail   (9 pics)
A little breathing space   (8 pics)
A mountain trip for all   (16 pics)
A nice winter climb   (9 pics)
A profile of Esfahan   (15 pics)
A spring trip to Wetterstein   (12 pics)
A summer day in Veksø moor   (13 pics)
A visit in Black Hills   (16 pics)
A weekend below Wildspitze   (13 pics)
A weekend in Karwendel   (15 pics)
A winter hike   (9 pics)
A wintry day in Tisvilde   (14 pics)
Above the clouds   (12 pics)
Above the Nubble   (20 pics)
Across Sorebois to Moiry   (13 pics)
Across Zatrwa La   (11 pics)
Active in Storskoven   (15 pics)
Alone in the wilderness   (16 pics)
Alone through Värmland   (23 pics)
Along Harrestrup Creek   (26 pics)
America's largest hole   (19 pics)
Among large trees   (18 pics)
Among unknown mountains   (12 pics)
An intro to the Alps   (11 pics)
An outing on the Fjord trail   (10 pics)
Anhalter Bahnhof   (12 pics)
Anniversary hike in Abisko   (12 pics)
Anniversary on Faulhorn   (11 pics)
Arête Rothorn   (13 pics)
Around Fenestral   (18 pics)
Around Gothenburg   (13 pics)
Around the Storsteinsfjell   (11 pics)
Around Whidbey Island   (10 pics)
Ascent of Alphubel   (10 pics)
Ascent of Bielerspitze   (12 pics)
Ascent of Bouquetins   (17 pics)
Ascent of Mount Democrat   (12 pics)
Ascent of the Nadelhorn   (7 pics)
At the beach of Puerto Rico   (15 pics)
At the end of Pitztal   (15 pics)
At Upper Rideau Lake   (6 pics)
Attempt on Athabasca   (15 pics)
Attempt on Mount Whitney   (15 pics)
Autumn in Verdon   (12 pics)
Autumn on Unterrothorn   (19 pics)
Barr Trail   (18 pics)
Basecamp Vitasjö   (15 pics)
Beach trip with Spandeedo   (22 pics)
Birthday in Karachi   (7 pics)
Birthday on Branäsberget   (9 pics)
Bivouacing in the mountains   (10 pics)
Camping out   (11 pics)
Christmas in Garmisch   (15 pics)
Christmas on Africa's top   (18 pics)
Climbing in Bohuslän   (26 pics)
Climbing Bishorn   (14 pics)
Climbing Gran Paradiso   (13 pics)
Climbing in Chateauvert   (22 pics)
Climbing in the desert heat   (10 pics)
Climbing Mammouth   (7 pics)
Climbing Matterhorn   (12 pics)
Climbing of Niesen   (15 pics)
Climbing of Piz dal Lec   (13 pics)
Climbing Quandary Peak   (14 pics)
Climbing Wurmtaler Kopf   (34 pics)
Closing time   (13 pics)
Cosy winter in Norway   (9 pics)
Croce di Reit   (16 pics)
Crystal Peak   (15 pics)
Day hike to Esterberg   (13 pics)
Day hike to Kreuzboden   (13 pics)
Day trip to Ravnholm   (10 pics)
Daytrip to Mangfall mountains   (13 pics)
Delicate rocky arches   (15 pics)
Descent into Alesvagge   (11 pics)
Detour from everyday   (13 pics)
Early spring in Gribskov   (7 pics)
Easter on Lagginhorn   (13 pics)
El Castillejo   (9 pics)
Excursion to Omø   (19 pics)
Exit on horseback   (11 pics)
Feet up and head down   (16 pics)
Fenland Trail   (13 pics)
Festi Ridge after the snow   (15 pics)
Finally Yellowstone   (37 pics)
Fire   (10 pics)
First ascent of Mera C   (18 pics)
From Adyrsu to Adylsu   (17 pics)
From Arun to Barun   (17 pics)
From Burgplaatz to Botrange   (12 pics)
From Idaho to the Tetons   (20 pics)
Gallery 100   (10 pics)
Gallery 200   (10 pics)
Golden Gate   (13 pics)
Harpers Corner Trail   (15 pics)
High Point Bison   (12 pics)
Hiking in Chew Valley   (12 pics)
Hiking in Värmland   (15 pics)
Hiking on Pilgrimsleden   (13 pics)
Hiking three counties   (13 pics)
Hiking to Mästocka   (11 pics)
Hinku impressions   (14 pics)
Hot springs   (26 pics)
Ice   (14 pics)
In restricted area   (13 pics)
In the eye of the storm   (9 pics)
In Utah canyonlands   (12 pics)
In the eye of the storm   (9 pics)
Interesting mountains in Silvretta   (11 pics)
Journey to Ramada   (11 pics)
Karakoram Highway   (22 pics)
Kite Lake peak-bagging   (15 pics)
Kullen Classics   (13 pics)
Kåtotjåkka   (8 pics)
La Sagrada Familia   (16 pics)
Last hike with Grivel   (19 pics)
Little Bighorn   (12 pics)
Mainzer Höhenweg   (11 pics)
Mercedario   (11 pics)
Munkholm and Bramsnæs   (15 pics)
My 22nd pair of Converses   (27 pics)
New attempt on Savalan   (16 pics)
New route on a Zermatt mountain   (10 pics)
New Year on Verte   (13 pics)
Night at Rampart Reservoir   (14 pics)
Nine marathons   (9 pics)
On a trip with Chuck Taylor   (24x2 pics)
On a wrong track in Wales   (19 pics)
On the rim of Isaberg   (11 pics)
On the west coast   (13 pics)
One dark November hike   (18 pics)
One of the seven   (21 pics)
Out and back in Hareskoven   (13 pics)
Outing in Frankfurt   (12 pics)
Pastime in Texas   (16 pics)
Pikes Peak Marathon   (18 pics)
Pouring rain on Yake-dake   (12 pics)
Preparation for Pikes Peak   (22 pics)
Research on Pikes Peak   (11 pics)
Rocky Mountain N.P.   (10 pics)
Rope-leader trip to Fluchthorn   (9 pics)
Run in Dyrehaven   (9 pics)
Run to Summerholm Heights   (14 pics)
Running below Hoosier Pass   (22 pics)
Running for spring   (11 pics)
Running in Geelskov   (10 pics)
Running San Bruno Mountain   (8 pics)
Ryssberget   (11 pics)
Schönbiel   (17 pics)
Searching for Camp 4   (13 pics)
Sense of spring   (15 pics)
Skiing across Königssee   (11 pics)
Smokeout in Las Vegas   (19 pics)
Snow caving in Estergebirge   (11 pics)
Snowy winter in Denmark   (12 pics)
South of Thames River   (18 pics)
Spring in Okertal   (7 pics)
Station Yarongmulu   (13 pics)
Storm across Sälen   (17 pics)
Summer at Helgenæs   (8 pics)
Summer holidays in Norway   (10 pics)
Sun and snow on Wank   (11 pics)
The best Normal Route   (17 pics)
The capital of NRW   (12 pics)
The eternal city   (10 pics)
The first ski ascent   (8 pics)
The highest 3000-metre peak in the Alps   (11 pics)
The first mountain   (11 pics)
The largest rock in Australia   (17 pics)
The last touch of winter   (16 pics)
The most SE point in Sweden   (10 pics)
The roof of the Alps   (19 pics)
The route to Concordia   (15 pics)
The sacred victory   (10 pics)
The Silent   (8 pics)
The start of Kungsleden   (12 pics)
The top of White Mountains   (29 pics)
The watershed of Europe   (10 pics)
Three in one   (10 pics)
Three nights on the hayloft   (11 pics)
Through bush to Vose   (16 pics)
To Pirca de Polacos   (15 pics)
To the top of Mt.Fuji   (26 pics)
Top of Boë   (13 pics)
Top of Nissedalen   (11 pics)
Top of Texas   (16 pics)
Top of the rainforest   (11 pics)
Tours in the 80s   (10 pics)
Tours in the 90s   (10 pics)
Towards Mellerud   (17 pics)
Traverse of Watzmann   (8 pics)
Traversing Aberdares   (22 pics)
Treppenstein Ridge   (14 pics)
Two days in Dübener Heath   (19 pics)
Unknown viewpoints in Iran   (8 pics)
Visit in Basel   (12 pics)
Valley of thirst   (14 pics)
Visit in Bratislava   (12 pics)
Viva Barcelona   (13 pics)
Walking around Lansing   (11 pics)
Weekend on Skåneleden   (17 pics)
Weissmies by the back door   (7 pics)
West of Grand Combin   (24 pics)
West of London   (9 pics)
Wiew over Tehran   (10 pics)
Wiew to Half Dome   (17 pics)
Winter ascents in Chamonix   (8 pics)
Winter demands winter tights   (11 pics)
Winter in the Furesø Park   (10 pics)
Winter in London   (10 pics)
Winter sun in Dyrehaven   (9 pics)
Winter weekend in Zermatt   (15 pics)
With bivouac into Spring   (13 pics)
With Pete to Halland   (19 pics)
World Outgames 2009   (23 pics)
World Trade Center   (12 pics)
Further galleries in the Danish section !

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Mountaineering as a life style
Mountains in Europe
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Mountaineering in Switzerland
Mountaineering in Switzerland
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