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> Sep. 22, 1997
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Monday, September 22nd, 1997
Kathmandu (Steffen Walton).

Last night we finally reached Makalu Base Camp at Tengma. It is at an altitude of 15.250 ft., and will be the stand by camp of the expedition. Here team members suffering from the altitude can come down and regain their strength. Tengma is also the last place for the helicopter to land, and that is what it did today, with additional 1,7 tons of food and equipment. When the helicopter flew back to Kathmandu, I, Steffen Walton, was on it. From now on the diary entries will be written by the team members, while I will be able to answer to questions. The 40 porters have been exchanged with 25 new porters, which together with the Danish team will move on to the French Camp at about 17.000 ft., probably reaching it before nightfall today. The expedition will stay a few days here to acclimatize before the big climb.

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